The architectural style of this property reflects a Mediterranean feel which runs throughout the home. This will obviously have a strong influence on the design of the spacious and secluded grounds.

There are many aspects of the surrounding land that requires a design. Building the house has been a labour of love, and now the attention has been focused on the large garden area.


The client's remit is for an Italian style courtyard to the north west of the house, where they can both relax and hold intimate parties with some of their close friends.

Phase two will be the main swimming pool, sun deck, BBQ area and patio.

The final  phase will be the large natural rock waterfall and pond area. This will be planted up to be a semi-woodland area with an abundance of marginal and shade loving plants. A possible gazebo and deck will provide a quiet corner in which to relax and keep out of the heat of the summer sun.

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